Day #4 Tenerife

Still sick. It was a rainy day. We ate some breakfast and left to a shopping mall called Meridiano.

After that we went to a spanish department store El Corte Ingles. I didn’t buy anything there.


Then we walked back to Meridiano and I ate a subway there. I think the sub sandwiches are a bit bigger here than in Finland.

After I had eaten we drove to a concert hall called Auditorio de Tenerife. It was pretty cool looking but pretty empty inside.


We drove to the hotel and rested a while. Then we ate at nice little very well rated restaurant opposite to our hotel. It was called Cocina Urbana. The service was really quick and the food was good. I mean I ate just turkey nuggets there but they were pretty good.

20170221_211843 20170221_212517

Then we went to bed.


Day #2 Tenerife

Good morning. I’m sick… Yeah. Well anyways, we started with a breakfast.


We were supposed to go to a museum but then we didn’t go together. I just stayed at the hotel and watched netflix. 🙂


Afterwards we tried to go eat at a restaurant but it was closed. We went to a Superdino which is a local supermarket. There we found NACHOCHOCOLATE. Unfortunatly because I’m a lactoseintolerant, I couldn’t eat it that much.


On the way back to the hotel, we walked trough a park and there are some statues, much big trees and a lot of dogs. There’s also this pond where are some REALLY loud small frogs.


Then we just ate at the hotel. I ate a hamburger.


After lunch we rested at the room. We thought we could go to the pool but it was too windy outside. In the evening we left to go eat some sushi. There were no kappamakis which are my favorite sushi but we just ate something else there.


Then we returned to the hotel and went to sleep. We didn’t do much that day… You know because I’m sick. Hopefully I’ll be in a better shape tomorrow.