Days #5-10 Germany

The first day in Rügen was warm. We were by the pool and swam in the see.

Then we went to eat in a restaurant in the same building. It is called Heimathafen. They have good burgers.

We spent the rest of the afternoon by the pool.

Then we went to the nearby town called Binz. We saw a pier. After walking around the town we bought a tuna pizza and went back to the hotel to eat it.

In the morning we went to see the other parts of the building. The building is about 4 km long so we just saw the first half of it in the morning.

In the afternoon we ate at a restaurant called Dolden Mädel.

Later we went to see the other half of the building and a little bit of the beach.

In the evening we ate tuna salad in our apartment.

The next day we spent some time by the pool until we went to eat lunch at a restaurant in Binz. The restaurant was called Freustil. It has one Michelin star.

Later we drove to Naturerbe Zentrum Rügen. It is a treetop walk. There is a giant viewing tower which is 82 meters above sea levels. The tower is built around a tree just a bit smaller than the tower.

Then we went to the hotel and ate shrimp salad.

The fourth day in Rügen we started with a morning swim.

After a while at the hotel we drove to Jasmund National Park. Then we had to walk a 3,2 km trough a forest to the actual area we wanted to see. But then we realised that we could have just taken the bus.

The Jasmund National Park has a few chalk cliffs. There is the Königsstuhl and Victoria’s View, they are both pretty big cliffs.

After that we came to the hotel and ate at the Heimathafen.

In the late afternoon we drove to Sellin and ate at in a restaurant on a pier of the town.

Then we drove back to the hotel.

The next day was rainy. In the afternoon we went to Bergen auf Rügen.

There was a traveling amusement park. Almost all the people of that town were apparently there.

There wasn’t anything to see really. So we just went back to our hotel.

That was pretty much all we did that day.

The next and the last day we were by the pool and on the beach because it was sunny.


Day #4 Germany

In the morning we ate breakfast. Then we packed.

We started our 2,5 hours journey to Rügen. But first we drove to Lübeck and went to buy some marzipan and see the city.

We saw for example the Cityhall and Stadttor. There were many marzipan shops but we bought marzipan only from Lübecker Marzipan Speicher. Then we ate at Nordsee and I didn’t get what I wanted to eat.

Then we started driving to Rügen where we’ll be staying for the next week.

Rügen is the biggest island in Germany. It is by the Baltic Sea on the northern cost of Germany.

We drove to our hotel. It’s called Prora Solitaire. It was first built in 1930’s as a nazi resort and rebuilt during recent years. Here are pools and it’s next to a beach.

All we did that day was just go to a local Lidl to buy some food.