Day #1 Tenerife

Our flight left Finland in the morning and it lasted about six hours.

Before we landed we could see this pretty high mountain from the airplane.


After we landed we drove a bit over 30 minutes to Santa Cruz. Our hotel is Iberostar Grand Hotel Mencey.


In the hotel’s garden there is an outside pool and an inside spa pool that we couldn’t get in. 😦


Near to the pool there is this little pool for turtles where they swim.

20170218_194721 20170218_195033

After resting for a while we left to get some food. We tried to find something local but the resteurants opened so late that we didn’t want to wait for them to open so we just ended up eating at McDonald’s.

Then we just walked back to the hotel.


Day #4 Portugal

After a good breakfast in the morning, we packed our stuff and started the trip to Troia.

First we accidentally crossed the Vasco da Gama bridge (which is actually 18km long) and then went back to see an architecture exhibition in Centro Cultural de Belem.



Then we continued our trip and crossed the 25th of April bridge and also saw a Jesus statue.



After about an hour we arrived in Setubal where we queued to a ferry.

On the ferry we saw even some dolphins swimming wild in the water. (no pictures of them though) The ferry trip took about half an hour but then we finally made it to Troia.

In the Aqualuz hotel we swam in the pool. After that we walked to grocery store to get something to eat and I even saw a few Pokemon on the way.


We will stay here in Troia for about five days so I think there is not a lot to post, but I’ll try to post something.