Day #5 Tenerife

I’m finally feeling a bit better. We ate breakfast and went swimming, because it was my last chance to swim there. It was cold outside but we didn’t care.

Then we packed our stuff and left the hotel and drove to a new one. The trip took about 45 minutes I think.

The hotel is pretty great and it is close to the airport. The pool is a bit small but the view there is great. The hotel’s name is Vincci Tenerife Golf. We’re not going to play golf here.

20170222_184723 20170223_102301

After we had unpacked our stuff we drove to a little shopping area. There were stores and restaurants. We just ate at McDonald’s and left. We didn’t go to see any of the stores.

We stayed at the pool for the rest of the day. In the evening we went to an outlet. It was a pretty small. It’s called Galeón Outlet. There are some mountains close to it.

20170222_195050 20170222_204318

We ate at a restaurant called Dedos. It was kinda Mexican and it was great. I ate ribs there.

20170222_201825 20170222_202441

Then we drove back to the hotel.


Day #12 Portugal

The morning we spent by the pool.


Then we startred driving to Freeport Outlet area. There we ate hamburgers at Hamburgeria Portuguesa by Farnel for lunch.


After that we went shopping. I bought a jacket.

Then we drove to the hotel and ate there.


Didn’t do much stuff.