Days #1-4 Norway

Hi! I’m gonna make just one post for this trip to Norway because we are here for only four days.

On the first day our flight left from Finland pretty early. First we took a train to our hotel and left the bag there. Then we walked to the Oslo City Hall. On the way we saw some maraton runners.

We wandered through the city. Then we went to Hard Rock Cafe Oslo. We walked a little in the city and then went to the Scandic hotel to rest.

After that we left again. We went to Aker Brygge and there was the Astrup Fearnley Museet. There were really great buildings and a lot of people and restaurants.

When we had walked through the place we ate sushi in Sakee sushibar. Then we walked to the hotel again.

On the second day we ate breakfast and then left. We took the subway to Holmenkollen. The subway climbed pretty high. In Holmenkollen there is a ski jump which was really scary.

Then we travelled to Mathallen food court which is in Vulkan area. Vulkan is a place which is filled with new buildings, restaurants and offices. In Mathallen there was a huge line and it appeared that everyone was queueing for donuts. Don’t know why… We ate fish and chips at Vulkanfisk, the service was nice.

After that we went to Vigeland park with a tram. Vigeland is a huge park where are lots and lots of statues. I just couldn’t resist so I had to use mobile data to play Pokemon Go. There were a ton of Pokestops and Squirtles. Oh and the statues were great too.

Then we went to the hotel and to rest a little. Afterwards we went for pizza in Savoia.  The pizza was great. I tried to enter the wifi but I couldn’t get the password.

On the third day we went shopping. Then we went to see the Barcode buildings. They are narrow and tall builded next to their chater. They are so cool.

Then we had a tour in the Oslo Opera House. We climbed on its roof which was very steep. The operahouse was by the sea.

We ate in the operahouse restaurant. It was good.

After that we went shopping again and then returned to the hotel. Later we ate in El Burro some tacos which were really good.

On the fourth day we walked to a boat which went to Bygdoynes. The Viking Ship Museum and Kon-Tiki museum are there. The ships were big and impressive and the Kon-Tiki museum was interesting.

Then we returned to the city. We walked to Kunstnernes Hus for lunch. I ate a schnitzel.

After lunch we tried to do some shopping on Bogstadveien, but didn’t find anything.

Late in the evening we left Oslo and returned to Finland.