Day #3 Tenerife

I’m still sick. We ate some¬†breakfast.

We thought that we could go shopping somewhere but I was too sick soooo…. I stayed at the hotel and watched Netflix… again ūüôā

Afterwards we went to the pool and¬†shared a club sandwich. I didn’t swim.

Then we took a trip to a town called La Laguna. It was pretty high up the mountains. The town is an UNESCO world heritage site.


There were some sort of small castle kind of things. I don’t actually know what they were.

20170220_174254 20170220_174540

Then we drove back to the hotel. Later we went to eat at this small tapas bar called Cortxo. It was a cool place.


By the way, there are these two cats (I think there’s two of them) in the hotel garden… I just wanted to tell about them… with picture of course.


Then we walked to the hotel and went to bed.


Day #2 Tenerife

Good morning. I’m sick… Yeah. Well anyways,¬†we started with a breakfast.


We were supposed to go to a museum but then¬†we didn’t go together. I just stayed at the hotel and watched netflix. ūüôā


Afterwards we tried to go eat at a restaurant but it was closed. We went to a¬†Superdino which is a local supermarket. There we found¬†NACHOCHOCOLATE. Unfortunatly because¬†I’m a lactoseintolerant, I couldn’t eat it that much.


On the way back to the hotel, we walked trough a park and there are some statues, much¬†big¬†trees and a lot of dogs. There’s also this pond where are some REALLY loud small frogs.


Then we just ate at the hotel. I ate a hamburger.


After lunch we rested at the room. We thought we could go to the pool but it was too windy outside. In the evening we left to go eat some sushi. There were no kappamakis which are my favorite sushi but we just ate something else there.


Then we¬†returned to the hotel and went to sleep. We didn’t do much that day… You know because I’m sick. Hopefully I’ll be in a better shape tomorrow.