Day #6 Tenerife

Last full day, here at Tenerife! By the way this post doesn’t have that many pictures, sorry. After breakfast we spent the whole morning by the pool.

I went for a really small walk by the beach. The beach is a pebble beach.


It was pretty warm outside until it got cloudy. Then we went back to our room.

We went to eat at a small bar close to our hotel. I ate a small sandwich there.

Then we drove to Siam Mall. It’s a great place and it’s close to the Siam Park waterpark, which we didn’t go to. I didn’t even buy anything from the mall tho. Except some Haribos from the local supermarket called HiperDino. 🙂


Then it started raining and we left. We just watched some Netflix at the hotel. Then because it was raining we ate at the hotel buffet. It was decent food.

Tomorrow we’re flying back to Finland in the morning, so this is the last post from Tenerife, bye. 🙂

Day #13 Portugal

We started the day by the pool.

Then we drove to Museu do Arroz Comporta Restaurant Lounge for lunch. It was next to a ricefield. Pretty good food.



After that we drove a short way to the beach which was pretty good.


Then we came to the hotel and then ate dinner.

Tommorow we’ll drive to Lisbon and fly back to Finland so this is the last post. Bye.

Days #5-9 Portugal

Mostly we spent the Troia days by the pool. We swam alot.


The hotel was pretty good and the room was big.

2016-08-06 18.27.23

Almost every day I went to buy an ice cream from the store nearby the hotel (there’s a Voltorb in front of the store) and caught some pokemons on the way. There were only four Pokestops and four gyms in Troia, but I even took over a gym few times.

Once we went to Setubal with a boat and ate there. There were a lot of Pokestops.



When we left the Troia we went to see Roman ruins.


And after the ruins we went to a beach with big waves.


When we arrived Alcácer do Sal we ate and spent time by the pool.


The hotel is basicly a convent with hotel rooms and it’s cool.


After a while we went down to the town and ate pizza.