Day #4 Tenerife

Still sick. It was a rainy day. We ate some breakfast and left to a shopping mall called Meridiano.

After that we went to a spanish department store El Corte Ingles. I didn’t buy anything there.


Then we walked back to Meridiano and I ate a subway there. I think the sub sandwiches are a bit bigger here than in Finland.

After I had eaten we drove to a concert hall called Auditorio de Tenerife. It was pretty cool looking but pretty empty inside.


We drove to the hotel and rested a while. Then we ate at nice little very well rated restaurant opposite to our hotel. It was called Cocina Urbana. The service was really quick and the food was good. I mean I ate just turkey nuggets there but they were pretty good.

20170221_211843 20170221_212517

Then we went to bed.