Day #13 Germany

On the thirteenth morning we went to Bundestag Building which is the German parlament.

We had tickets to the dome which is on top of it. There were audioguides to take with us. The audioguide told about the buildings around us which we had a great view to.

We took the bus to a shopping center called Bikini Berlin. We ate at a Mexican place there.

Then we walked to the Berlin Zoo to see pandas and some other animals.

We got to see all the animals we wanted to but then it started raining so we left.

We took the same bus to Alexanderplatz and then started walking to our hotel. On the way I stopped at the comic book store and bought the first three issues of the Silver Surfer.

After resting in our apartment we went to see the nearby stores. We saw the Hakescher Höfe which is a series of court yard with shops.

We ate at an Asian restaurant called Marubi Ramen. There were some really good dumplings.

Tomorrow we’ll fly back to Finland early so this is the last post from Germany. Bye!


Day #12 Germany

On Wednesday it rained all the day. We went to Hamburger Bahnhof. It’s a museum of contemporary art. We saw for example a work of Bruce Nauman.

Then we went to Potsdamer Platz. There is a mall called Potsdamer Arcade that we went to. We ate at an asian buffet.

We drank some coffee in our apartment and then went to Freitag Store Berlin. They sell bags made of truck tarpaulins and stuff like that.

Then we walked to comic book store called Grosser Unfug. I bought a marvel comic there.

We bought a pizza on the way back to our hotel and ate it in our apartment.