Days #5-9 Portugal

Mostly we spent the Troia days by the pool. We swam alot.


The hotel was pretty good and the room was big.

2016-08-06 18.27.23

Almost every day I went to buy an ice cream from the store nearby the hotel (there’s a Voltorb in front of the store) and caught some pokemons on the way. There were only four Pokestops and four gyms in Troia, but I even took over a gym few times.

Once we went to Setubal with a boat and ate there. There were a lot of Pokestops.



When we left the Troia we went to see Roman ruins.


And after the ruins we went to a beach with big waves.


When we arrived Alcácer do Sal we ate and spent time by the pool.


The hotel is basicly a convent with hotel rooms and it’s cool.


After a while we went down to the town and ate pizza.


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